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What is “kitten fishing”? Discover the new way to catch catfish online

We’ve all heard of catfishing, which has become a household name since dating went digital, and even inspired a hit MTV show. But what is kitten fishing?

Kittenfishing is the most recent online dating term to join the ranks of other popular dating expressions such as catfishing, ghosting, love bombing, benching, and breadcrumbing.

Think of kitty fishing as catfishing’s little sister – hence the “kitten” part.


Where catfishing can involve bold lies, highly filtered content, and even fake identities, kittenfishing usually involves little white lies that someone uses to appear more attractive to prospects on dating apps.

According CharmHere are some examples of kitten fishing:

  1. Fit your age or height.
  2. Hide certain features that make you feel less confident.
  3. Use old photos where you appear very different (eg younger) than you do today.
  4. Glamorizing lifestyles, hobbies, and interests to appear more exciting or attractive to a potential partner, even if they are not entirely truthful.
  5. Embellish job titles or make your career more impressive or important.

Kitten Fishing is very popular on apps like instagramwhere digital filters reign supreme and can make us appear slightly but realistically different from our true selves.

It’s also the dirty dating trend that we’re all probably guilty of doing at one point or another. (Who doesn’t want to slightly embellish how exciting our lives are?)

However, with all of this in mind, know that lying in any capacity is probably not the best way to start a new relationship, even if the lies seem harmless enough.

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