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What Fans Think of Drake’s “Sticky” Music Video

Drake released the song “Sticky” on his new album Honestly it doesn’t matter. The song is one of the album’s two lead singles, and Drake released a music video for “Sticky” on August 2. Here’s what fans of the rapper think of the new music video.

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What Fans Think of Drake’s Music Video for ‘Sticky’

The music video for “Sticky” was released on August 2. Following the music video‘s release, Drake fans shared what they thought of the “Sticky” music video in the YouTube comments.

Some fans focused on praising Drake’s personality that came through in the music video.

“One thing i love about this guy is he never lets his friends down i mean they are with him every music video started from the bottom and they are here,” wrote one. Youtube user.

“As a member of the movie fraternity, I’m happy to see Drake credit his team in the music video. That’s very classy of him. Hope other artists follow suit,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

Other fans shared that Drake’s music video for “Sticky” served as inspiration for their own lives and goals.

“In every Drake video he always has the best views in every city, state, country, continent,” a fan wrote on YouTube. “It makes you want to go on a trip and change your whole lifestyle. … I believe I will be able to see these sights in real life. It’s a matter of patience and I’m lucky to have it.

Another fan wrote on YouTube, “This video inspires me to take the leap and go get it and break this cycle that everyone seems to be stuck in. I’m sick of it.”

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What Happens in the Music Video for ‘Sticky’

The “Sticky” music video was directed by Theo Skudra and produced by Colossale. Overall, the “Sticky” music video showcases Drake’s lifestyle.

It opens with concert footage and shows Drake clubbing, hanging out at a boat party and fishing in the woods with a group of people.

In the song, Drake addresses “sticky” situations throughout his life and career, with the song’s main hook being, “You know how sticky it gets, ayy.”

“When it’s all laid to rest/ And everybody’s breathing/ And it’s all addressed/ It’s you alone with your regrets/ Anything that puffs your chest out/ Anything that speaks of the best/ You know how it’s getting sticky,” Drake raps at the end of “Sticky.”

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Drake defended his new album from critics

drake fell Honestly it doesn’t matter as a surprise release on June 17. Following its release, the album received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

In a video clip shared by Complex, Drake appeared to defend the album, saying, “It’s all good if you don’t get it yet. It’s perfect. This is what we do. This is what we do. We are waiting for you to catch up. We are here, however. We are already caught up. Next. My God.”

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