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Watch Scott Hoying’s First Solo Music Video For “Mars”

Scott Hoying’s career is truly impressive. After his band Pentatonix won season three of NBC’s singing competition Singing in 2011, they quickly conquered the world. Pentatonix made acapella – it’s music without instruments, in case you were wondering – cool and put the genre on the map in a big way. I’m talking about three Grammys, 19 million YouTube subscribers, six complete Christmas albums (watch out for Mariah!), world tours, a documentary and stints in Hollywood with cameos on KC undercover (hi Zendaya!) and Perfect location 2.

Even though his band has topped the charts for over a decade, Scott has never ventured alone. He and bandmate Mitch had a successful stint as pop duo Superfruit – you might recognize their single “GUY.exe” from, uh, this TikTok’s thirsty challenge was all the rage last fall, but now Scott is officially going solo with his new song, “Mars.”

And lucky for you, we got the exclusive on her super sweet music video featuring her fiancé Mark. YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!

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Cosmos sat down with the artist to talk about this new chapter.

This is your first solo effort! What’s it like going out alone?

Wow. To be honest, it really, really, profoundly changed my life and transformed my life. It feels like a defining moment in my life because it was always a big dream that I kept putting off out of fear and insecurity. I’m finally in a state of mind where I can really go for it, be vulnerable and bet on myself. It’s a big moment for me. It represents the culmination of the life lessons I have experienced over the years.

What were some of those lessons?

Just navigate through joy, pain, success, failure, happiness, despair, courage, fear, love, loss, self-discovery…

Where did you find the courage to finally take the plunge? Do you still have some of that fear?

It’s a bit scary at times, but honestly, it’s more exciting and beautiful! I remember saying “I want to free ‘Mars in September” to my fiancé, Mark, and feel this intense sense of relief…like I’ve finally found the mindset and courage I’ve been working towards for years.

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Did you share the song or video with any of your Pentatonix buddies before posting?

Yes!! My bandmates got a LOT of chaotic half-written voice memos of songs I wrote. They are always so encouraging and wonderful! And yes! They heard and saw many different versions of the “Mars” video as it came together! [laughs]

What did they think?

They loved it! They really seemed to connect with “Mars most. Just like my fiancé and my family. I felt like I wrote it so quickly and from such an honest place, so it was exciting and empowering to see that manifest by showing it to the people I love.

It’s your birthday tomorrow! This clip is like a small gift for yourself. Was this timing intentional?

It looks like a gift! That wasn’t the original plan actually. The release date has been changed many times for different reasons, which makes it feel more kismet and magical than it happens on my birthday.

The clip is a moving love story. Tell me about your relationship with your fiancé Mark and how he inspired the song and the visuals?

My fiancé Mark has been together for five years now and recently got engaged! He is the most beautiful, life loving, positive, kind and honest human being I have ever known. He constantly inspires me in every way. He was definitely a great muse for me in my writing. I wrote “Mars” about the huge impact he had on me and the major change that happened when he came into my life.

What was this change?

He was so calm and loving from our first interaction. Down for anything. So smart. He’s everyone’s favorite person in the room, but he’s not trying to be. I was simply captivated. The false version of myself that I had worked tirelessly to create in order to protect my insecurities dissipated. I started to accept being myself again. I’m clumsy, clumsy, creative, happy…

I to like to like!

Me too! That’s why the chorus of “Mars” makes me so emotional: “Then you said: I don’t think you’re human. I think you are from Mars… which explains how amazing you are.” I wanted the clip to be epic and otherworldly to really represent the huge impact it had on my life. When I was writing the video clip treatment, I didn’t hold back. COMETS! BLAST ! UFOs! REMOVAL! SPRINT THROUGH THE DESERT!

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PASSION! What was it like working with Mark during filming?

It was so much fun and honestly quite spontaneous! “Ooooo Mark! Come take those underwater shots with me!“He’s super open and enthusiastic about exploring ideas. Every time we do anything, whether it’s a TikTok or building an Animal Crossing island, we move on and do what feels right to us in the moment!

Queer representation in pop music is so important. What do you hope this video inspires others?

I hope this inspires anyone queer who feels insecure or lost that what they now see as their weakness may actually be their power. To love deeply and without fear the one who fulfills them and brings them true happiness. I hope this inspires all young gay children who may feel lonely, scared and unsure of their future that they are so infinitely loved and supported by so many people in this world and that they can dream as big as possible. Lean into life. Follow what inspires you. Do what you love to do. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself be hurt. Let yourself grow and heal.

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Is there more music on the way?

YES!! I have so much music that I’m so, so, so proud and EXCITED to release. It’s a daily struggle not to just upload and leak it all! Really. I hope to do a lot more in the coming months.