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Watch BLACKPINK Geek Out in ‘Pink Venom’ Music Video Reaction: ‘Spreading Pink Venom Everywhere’

Taste this pink venom! NOIRPINK sat down in a new video posted on Thursday (August 25) to watch their “pink venomMusical clip for the very first time.

“I’m really nervous but I’m excited because it’s been a while since [we] got together to watch an M/V,” Jennie admitted before the girl group pressed play. “Quickly! I can’t wait!”

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“So beautiful!” Rosé remarked that Lisa’s first solo verse flew across the screen before commenting, “That was so disgusting!” about his own scene holding a tar-covered apple and choreographing the song’s first chorus on his seat.

Seeing Lisa and Jennie’s lead rap in the track’s second verse elicited the biggest reaction from all four girls, however, with Rosé proclaiming, “Lisa, you’re so cool. It’s so cool,” and Lisa explaining, “That scene was really fun.”

At the bridge of the song, the others were ready to return the compliments when it came to Rosé’s performance, with Jennie saying, “Rosé, you look like the Dark Magician overall” with Jisoo chiming in to add, “Spreading pink venom everywhere. “

After the video was completed, all four BLACKPINK members agreed that they were more than happy with how the visual turned out. “I think I should quickly watch it a few more times,” Jennie said, while Rosé admitted, “I’ve totally become a fan.”

When it premiered last week, the “Pink Venom” music video broke the record as the most-watched music video of the year in its first 24 hours, with a jaw-dropping 90.4 million views. Since then, the girls have also taken out a tablecloth dance practice video of the born pink first single, which became the first song to debut at No. 1 on Billboardit is trending songs graphic (dated August 27).

Watch BLACKPINK’s reactions to their “Pink Venom” music video below.

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