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Variant Showdown Releases Anime Opening

Sword Art Online has been busy for the past year behind the scenes, and anime fans will soon be getting a new movie thanks to all the hard work. A-1 Pictures may have had to delay the next IP release, but Asuna will return to the big screen before the end of the year. Of course, fans are also in line to get a special mobile game titled Sword Art Online: Variant Shadow in honor of the franchise’s 10th anniversary. And now the anime team has released their own opening for the game.

As you can see above, the clip features the wide word Variant Shadow will bring to life. Everyone from Kirito to Leafa and Eugeo can be found in the clip. So as promised, this ambitious game will bring together just about every character from Sword Art Online. And honestly, what better way to celebrate IP than uniting all of its top stars?

This new promo shows how expansive Variant Showdown will be, and of course, A-1 Pictures brought their signature style to the opener. The studio also tapped Eir Noi to perform the game’s theme song. The track “Answer” can be heard on this new promo, and the single fits the game perfectly.

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Of course, fans will be able to try out Variant Showdown before long. The game promises to introduce a new world to the high-tech series. So, if you want to know more about the original title, you can read the official description of the game below:

“It’s a title Kirito has heard before. A game that got a lot of attention from gamers, especially because it was supposedly designed by a middle school genius. One day at the Dicey Café, Kirito hears two rumors about Cross Edge. One: There is a mysterious player attacking out of nowhere. Losing to them means losing some of your own memories. Second: This player is walking around with a hood down to hide his eyes… Kirito can’t help but remember Laughing Coffin, the player-killing guild he faced in SAO. Partly to investigate these rumors, Kirito and his friends start playing Cross Edge. .and are soon the target of a surprise attack.”

What do you think of this new opening? Do you think Sword Art Online should tackle a new show soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.