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VannDa goes through the pain of heartbreak in the music video for “How’s It Taste?”

Cambodian rapper VannDa has released the latest music video from his upcoming album “Skull 2”, for the soulful song “How’s It Taste?”.

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VannDa takes a break from his harsh trap sound to show a more sensitive side of himself on the track, which sees him struggle with heartbreak after a partner leaves him. “If I’m not good enough, say so / Don’t treat me like an appetizer / When you’re done with me, you move on to the next dish”he raps in an abandoned factory surrounded by dim lights.

Watch the clip for ‘How’s It Taste?’ below.

‘How does it taste?’ is the fourth single to be released from “Skull 2: Season 1” so far following the double drop of “Parenthesis” and “Life Is A Game” on May 20 and the release of “Bok Kalo” on March 23.

VannDa has also started releasing episodes of a documentary series leading up to the release of “Skull 2: Season 1” later this year, with the first episode covering the 14-day album camp at a villa in Kep province. that VannDa and her team of producers have been there.

A second episode, called “1.5”, should be released soon with a teasing seeming to show that the episode will revolve around VannDa’s live performances and the making of the music video for “How’s It Taste.”

In April, VannDa unveiled her first collaboration with Thai rap veteran F.HERO on the single “Run The Town” also featuring Thai rappers 1MILL and Sprite.

He is set to embark on a tour of Cambodia in support of “Skull 2: Season 1” from June to August, with stops in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Ville, Kampong Cham and Battambang. He also announced plans for another tour in support of ‘$KULL 2: Part Two’ when it is released in November, which would run through 2023.