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Tulisa Looks Gorgeous In N-Dubz’s Comeback Music Video For New Song Charmer

Tulisa posted a behind-the-scenes photo of one of the outfits she wore in N-Dubz’s comeback clip

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N-Dubz Announce Reunion With Upcoming UK Arena Tour

N-Dubz’s Tulisa Contostavlos looks better than ever as she posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the band’s comeback music video.

The band recently revealed that they are reuniting for their new song Charmer and are going on tour for the first time in 11 years.

Tulisa shared a photo where she was dressed as a Greek goddess as she wowed fans while wearing a latex corset and gold leaf headband.

The 33-year-old finished the look with a sheer skirt, lace-up sandals and gold jewelry along with full glam makeup.

The singer knelt down as she looked at the camera for the serious shot.

In the new music video, Tulisa sings alongside fellow bandmates Fazer and Dappy.

Tulisa was dressed as a Greek goddess in the clip



N-Dubz will reunite for a tour


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The three of them exit a helicopter onto the tarmac where they begin to sing their song.

It then cuts to a scene where Tulisa is sitting on a red sofa, surrounded by dancers as she sings her solo parts of the track.

The band recently announced their reunion after 11 years, which includes a tour.

The group produced two albums and eight songs which made the UK Singles Chart but decided to spit after that.

But fans of the band don’t have long to wait since they will meet again in November for their tour.

The new music video begins with the trio stepping out of a helicopter



The Back To The Future Tour will kick off in Newcastle and conclude at the O2 Arena in London on December 6.

In the meantime, their song Charmer has now been released from which they used a short snippet to announce the reunion.

In a short video, the three members got out of a helicopter and some notes from their new song played.

But before they could open their mouths to sing, the screen then blacked out as the words appeared: “N-Dubz. Charmer. 19.5.22.” As well as announcing their upcoming Back To the Future tour.

A statement was released which read, “Charmer is instantly recognizable as an N-Dubz song featuring their trademark narration via the slick raps of Dappy and Fazer, alongside the sassy vocals of Tulisa.”

The band broke up for 11 years


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However, many fans were upset as the tour sold out so quickly.

Due to demand, additional tour dates were added along with the announcement that former Love Island star turned musician Wes Nelson will be supporting the band on their upcoming tour.

Tulisa thanked her fans by writing on her Instagram Story that she wanted to “say thank you to all the fans and supporters of ndubz. The love and support after so long to be even stronger than before means everything to us. ”

She added, “Every song and show we do, we share a little piece of our heart and the extent of the love you give back to us is unfathomable. It may seem far-fetched, but for us, it’s like we’re part of one big crazy family.”

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