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The War in Redemption City – The Eagle Online

When the general overseer of the redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeoye, declared war Thursday on the fourth night of the 2020 National Convention, it was all out war.

At the end of it, many people lay down on the ground near the altar of the old Redemption City Auditorium, formerly Redemption Camp, relieved of their tormentors.

They had been taken there safely among the large congregation so that they would not hurt themselves as the demons violently fled from them. And at the end of the sermon, about two of them were still “manifesting” shaking and rolling on the floor as the demons wrestled within them.

In a church that does not publicize living miracles, photographs and television cameras have been prevented from covering them.

The drill, which Pastor Adeboye said was a common practice in the early days of the church when the congregation was small (millions of people now), was part of the deliverance service.

At the end of the sermon and the general overseer’s prayers, the church orchestra played rhythmic tunes celebrating the deliverance power of Jesus Christ, as the congregation fervently prayed for deliverance from the clutches of the devil. – each member focusing on their areas of affliction – as Pastor Adeboye prayed in spirit.

In his main sermon earlier, he exposed the different ways demons attack their victims. They are:

*Oppression: When demons sit on the victim, preventing him from rising or growing. It is putting a ceiling on the height to which the victim can rise. When a new king, who did not know Joseph, reigned in Egypt, he put a ceiling on the rise and influence of the Israelites.

* Repression: it is worse than oppression, when the demonic force does not just sit down, crushes the victim and regularly destroys any effort to rise, like the test of Israel until they are freed by Gideon.

*Regression: The demon concentrates on pushing the victim backwards, until there is nothing left. The woman with the blood issue spent all her wealth finding a cure until she found Jesus.

* Vexation: This is a demonic attack at intervals. It comes and goes like epilepsy. Usually this comes at a time when it can cause maximum embarrassment.

*Obsession: A case where the demon fixes your mind on bad things, like bad habits that give you pleasure and blind you to their inherent danger. Examples are sex and drugs.

*Confusion: This is mental bondage. When the enemy attacks someone with confusion, he will begin to call what is good bad and what is bad good.

* Possession: A case where the devil takes complete control of the victim, making him do things that are even harmful to him, such as the case of the Fool of Gadara. He said the number of demons in such attacks varies, but they are strong enough to cause damage.
But as pointed out, after God decrees the Jubilee, no one is allowed to keep anyone in bondage; everyone in bondage has a right to freedom and the devil has no choice but to free their victims who want to enjoy their freedom.

He said, “Whatever the form of attack, God’s declaration of Jubilee, when we run to Him in total surrender, is a declaration of war by Him who never loses a battle.

As usual, the altar call drew thousands of people for salvation.

Previously, the song service, which has become a favorite part of Conventions, had many choirs and individual care.

The session was enhanced with a recitation of poems by the multi-talented General Overseer, who is also a composer.

There were also impressive testimonies of healing and fruiting from the womb after many years of nudity.