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The Gathering fan music video brings the new Capenna to life

The official Streets of New Capenna soundtrack is getting a real music video thanks to Magic fans.

The streets of New Capenna may not have been the biggest hit of 2022, but there are plenty of Magic: The Gathering fans who have fallen in love with the art deco metropolis and its 1960s-style gangster society. 1930. Wizards of the Coast even added to Capenna’s unique charms by releasing a Jonathan Young soundtrack featuring the kind of music you’d expect from the swing and jazz era.

Nails & Kneecaps is one of those songs that speeds things up a bit. The people of New Capenna love a good show, and Nails & Kneecaps adds a cabaret performance to a bluesy tune that reminds you how dangerous the streets can be. And now he even has a music video courtesy of the NerDoms Universe.


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The music video is exactly what you’d expect from some of the key characters in Streets of New Capenna. As Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva breaks hearts on the Red Room stage, her love interest Jaxis the Troublemaker breaks her nose as she confronts the underground rulers of New Capenna. Unfortunately, Anhelo, the painter (and vampire assassin) escapes before Jaxis can deliver justice, but a night that ends in a lover’s arms is about as good as it gets for this town.

It would be great to see more music videos for Magic’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty soundtrack, whether fan-made or not. Give NerdDoms lots of views and maybe they’ll make it.

In other Magic news, there’s a new mobile Magic game in town that seems to be pulling a page out of Hearthstone’s playbook. There are no lands, damage stays on creatures even after your turn ends, you can break down cards into materials to create new ones, and each deck has a hero with special abilities. There’s a significant streamlining of Magic rules and also a cartoonish Magic Spellslingers aesthetic, which makes it seem like Wizards of the Coast is targeting a younger audience with this latest mobile game.

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