Music video

The Black Label Society shares an invigorating new music video for “You Made Me Want To Live”

Heavy metal band Black Label Society are back after releasing their hit album Doom Crew Inc., which included 12 tracks. One of the songs, “You Made Me Want To Live,” was just featured in its own music video today (April 22).

The song itself begins with a weird but fun guitar solo performed by Zakk Wylde. Seconds later, Wylde begins the song in a slow, thrilling start: “You gave me life, You took away the pain, Why did it have to be? Now there is nothing here for me. However, after those first four lines, the song turns a 180 into a head-banging catcher. The drums roll, the beat is faster, and the guitar is electrified, as our lead sings the chorus, “You made me wanna live, so hard to forgive, you made me wanna live.” The song then returns to its slow bass with the second verse. After the second chorus, the song turns into a stunning guitar solo, just before stopping. The lyrics are a beautiful mix of heartbreak and depressive feelings, as the singer wonders why his partner decided to end a meaningful relationship.

The clip adds depth to the already stunning single, as it begins with a dark shot of Wylde, just before the chorus appears. Then the camera fades out and appears to the cast of Black Label Society in a scene with bright, looming colors.

In other news, Black Label Society announced that they will be headlining at the Hollywood Palladium with Anthrax on July 29th.

Photo credit: Owen Ela