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Suasion releases new music video for ‘Transformation’

SUASION released a brand new music video!

The new music video, for the song Transformationis the brand new song from the cinematic electronic metalcore band and previews their upcoming studio album, due out later this year.

Speaking of the new song, the singer Steven Rassart said, “bBeyond the next chapter of our story, the lyrics are about the fear of change. As in the clip, sometimes we are faced with difficult choices in our lives, choices that can change everything and break our balance, our comfort. However, sometimes accepting change can be beneficial and make us a better or more adventurous person from now on. Transformation or degradation? Will I transform into something that will help me achieve my goals or will I degrade and fail? To answer these questions in our story, we decided to try to embrace change.

Bass player Julian Dejasse adds, “The difficult task of the clip was to find the right location. A cave that does not look like dark gray rocks. We wanted something with textures like sand and it was hard to find in Belgium, especially in February because most of the caves were closed to the public due to the bats hibernating as they are protected species.

Watch the official Transformation clip here:

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