Music video

Steven Spielberg just made the first music video of his career

Mumford also shared the credits on social media, calling Capshaw the producer, art director and Dolly Grip (the dolly in question, hilariously, appears to be Spielberg’s chair) while Krieger produced and managed behind-the-scenes videography, and Mulligan l made her and costumes.

The song itself is called “Cannibal,” and both it and the resulting single video are downright excellent. The lyrics of the song seem to describe a person breaking the silence about a painful childhood trauma. The black-and-white sequence begins with an impressionistic, slightly drifting close-up of Mumford before receding outward to reveal he is performing on an empty stage. Spielberg manages to pull off a single take with several subtle surprises, such as when the camera moves to reveal the room beyond the edges of the scene, when a reflection in the lens creates a slightly surreal effect, and when the whole thing culminates with a quick rear carriage to close.

While it’s unclear exactly how this wonderfully low-key collaboration came about, Mumford shared his gratitude for everyone who helped him create his current musical project, the upcoming album “(self-titled)”, which is due out on September 16, 2022, via Island Records. On Twitter, the musician wrote, “When people get it, it takes my breath away. Kate and Steven just got it, and I can’t thank them enough.”

During this time, Spielberg found time for the one-off project between several of his major works. The “West Side Story” filmmaker is set to release his supposedly semi-autobiographical film “The Fabelmans,” starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen and Gabriel LaBelle, on November 23, 2022.