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SoundCloud Music Downloader allows you to download audio in MP3 format

SoundCloud is a popular audio sharing platform where one can share any audio including podcasts and music. There are a lot of artists who download their music and distribute it for free. While Windows offers the Soundcloud app, but if you want to download audio from SoundCloud and listen to it whenever you want, that is not possible. This is where this third party app – Free SoundCloud Music Downloader can be used.

SoundCloud Music Downloader

SoundCloud is an online streaming service where you listen while on the go. Using Free SoundCloud Downloader, you can download SoundCloud tracks, songs and music in high quality MP3 format (up to 320kbps). You can save them to your computer and then listen to them on any device, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

The first thing you need to do is go to SoundCloud and figure out which playlist or audio you want to download. Keep them open in a new tab so you can copy the URL or list all the URLs in a notepad or Excel. Follow the steps below to download from SoundCloud.

  1. Download the app and install it.
  2. Lunch the program, and it offers a basic interface. A text box that accepts the SoundCloud URL and a button that can paste the URL copied from your clipboard
  3. As soon as you paste it, it will start processing the SoundCloud URL
  4. You can add multiple URLs one after the other, and they will all be downloaded in batches.

You can configure the download folder before you start the download. If you manage a central location for all your music, you can create a separate folder, SoundCloud, and save them all here.

Click on the Play button, and it will play the audio in the default audio player.

Can he download them all?

I have tried downloading a few of them, and it is missing and knocking. Some of the playlist and audio downloaded almost instantly, while others went through several tries. Sometimes you will get a scan error but try it a few times and it will download eventually.

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Free SoundCloud Downloader: Download Audio in MP3 Format