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Shakil Aslam’s recent music releases are causing a new online phenomenon by setting new trends!

After the Internet, the world has seen an increase in young talent, especially in our country. We all understood that this was a step in the right direction and that young people like Shakil Aslam were pursuing their dreams in the music industry.

Shakil, a 21-year-old online sensation and rising social media star who has become the face of this generation’s youth, has the most confidence in himself and his aspirations. It was through his passion for music and his dedication that he achieved more than most others his age.

Music for Shakil is not a melody that sounds pleasant to the ears, but a mode of communication when words fail to align with the thought process. This young music star was only 15 when that notion took hold of him, and there was no looking back after that. Shakil’s love for music shines through in the authentic lyrics he uses in his song.

Each sentence, he says, depicts his personal experience, with a wide range of emotions, both polite and raw. His songs are well known not only in his own country, but also around the world, with platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and others often featuring Shakil’s music — in the top 100 artists of 2022. .

“Tumi aaso ni”, “AI ta rap gan”, “O bissho dekho jaw” and “Tui tui tui” are some of his most recent tracks which managed to rack up millions of views and are trending on social networks, which earned him adoration and popularity among his peers.

Shakil is young, energetic and dedicated to creating content that the internet, especially young people, regularly loves. Over time, his efforts focused on building a distinct musical idea that would set him apart from the competition, and he and his team continually work hard to achieve this goal. His goal is to leave an indelible mark on this generation with his beliefs and his music. Over the next few years, he expects to release a slew of new songs, all of which he says will be as popular as his previous efforts.

Shakil, who is also an author, entrepreneur and YouTuber in addition to being a well-known young musician, often takes time out of his busy schedule to connect with young people his age and teach them about the need to exercise self-esteem. patience to achieve their goals. . He always tries to convey the concept of speaking your mind and living authentically rather than under duress. In most of his interviews, he stressed the importance of pursuing his goals rather than opting for a traditional career path for the money. “Follow your dreams…the money will come naturally,” he says.

With more successful hits to his wealth, the rising young singer aspires to become more successful in the coming years. Not only that, but he wants to explore other genres of music, which will allow him to try new and exciting things while forcing him to learn something outside of his comfort zone.

When asked who he praises for his achievement, he replied “My family, my friends and, of course, my fans who have supported me through my ups and downs. Today, while I am a well known face i reflect on the time when i had nothing but money on hand and the love and support of the people listed above they have been there for me in my difficult times, and I will always be grateful to them.”

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