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SEVENTEEN ‘Face the Sun’ in Passionate and Seductive ‘HOT’ Music Video

K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN has released their fourth studio album, ‘Face the Sun’ with their title track ‘HOT’ dropping with a lightning music video. Taking on the theme of the sun and their goal of becoming a presence with such influence, SEVENTEEN breaks their boundaries once again.

The title track’s music video features a captivating concept that’s very different from previous ones as the 13-member band progress to another powerful performance. A blast from the west, the music video is embellished with dusty denims, tassels, mullets and fiery breakthroughs.

The song has raucous whispers and catchy imagery, loud swishes and a trendy chorus, to top it all off the visuals, they take you through a roller coaster of hard-hitting choreography. There is an all-pervading and lingering appearance of a scorching sun as SEVENTEEN lights up the room and everything else ablaze. With fireworks exploding from their guitars and bullets shooting through the air, it’s almost as if a new SEVENTEEN has emerged with this comeback.

While the members previously talked about their ambitious plans for this album, they mentioned how representative it is of their fresh start. Banking heavily on a visual treat and a performance-heavy music video, SEVENTEEN once again delivers a promising release.

Watch the clip for ‘HOT’ below.

With nine earworms on the album, including the band’s first English single “Darl + ing”, this is SEVENTEEN’s busy entry with the full album “Face the Sun”.

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