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Royal & the Serpent releases “PHUCKBOI REJECTS” music video

singer / songwriter from LA, Royal and the Serpent, has just released his latest pop-punk single and his music video for “PHUCKBOI REJECTS”!

The track is about proclaiming its soft spot for boys who are “that obnoxious kind of drug addict who shops hot topic” with “nicotine addictions.” Throughout the clip, Royal is shown in a mental hospital, battling all of her inner demons.

Royal says, “I mean, listen, we all have a guy. Deny it if you want but we love what we love. I happen to love the heart-wrenching, steamy, chain-wearing releases. This particular breed of “phuckboi” is what got me into this whole mess in the first place. Now here I am, lifeless and broken, ready to give you the best music I have ever written for you. Yes, by that I mean there is more … Are you ready for another one?

You can listen to “PHUCKBOI REJECTS” on Royal’s next EP, IF I DIE WILL SOMEBODY CARE, which releases Friday, January 28. The 6-track project follows their viral hit, “Overwhelmed,” which spent 22 weeks on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay charts and is now certified Gold by the RIAA.

With every piece of music she shares, Royal embraces her true nature with the world and is always an open book when it comes to letting people know what’s on her mind.

Watch the music video for “PHUCKBOI REJECTS” below:

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