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River teases music video featuring Chantel and her family

The Chantel family may be overwhelmed by the marital drama between Chantel and Pedro Jimeno, but River Everett is busy releasing new music.

Chantel Jimeno has always been the star of her family, but The Chantel family Beauty will play a supporting role in her brother Riverknight Everett’s upcoming music video. Riverknight, nicknamed River on The Chantel family but performs under his full name, has been working on his music for a few years. Chantel and her parents Thomas and Karen Everett supported Riverknight by appearing in a teaser clip for the upcoming video.

Riverknight has become a fan-favorite actor on the 90 day fiance spin-off show The Chantel family. Everett’s younger brother had tensions with Chantel’s future ex-husband, Pedro Jimeno. The two then became close friends, though Riverknight ended his friendship with Pedro once Pedro and Chantel broke up and Pedro was accused of abusing and cheating on his sister. Riverknight received accolades for The Chantel family season 4 finale for standing up for her sister. The protective younger brother refused to let Pedro into Chantel’s house and upset her.


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While the divorce of Pedro and Chantel causes drama in The Chantel family Fans, river knight took to Instagram to deliver some positive news. The Atlanta-based rapper shared a teaser clip on his Instagram account to announce that the music video for his song “Doubted” will be released next week on September 23. Riverknight was joined by Chantel, along with Thomas and Karen in the teaser clip for the video directed by Johnny Films. Missing from the video was Riverknight’s sister Winter Everett, though the two siblings are extremely close, meaning she was likely involved with the project.

Riverknight is one of many players in the expansion 90 day fiance franchise that tried its luck to break into the musical career. However, he is preparing to be one of the most successful 90 day fiance franchise musicians because he devotes his time and energy to perfecting his craft. Chantel’s younger brother recently toured across Texas for his music and was accompanied by Chantel, as she recovered from her painful separation by spending time with loved ones. Riverknight also shared that they are planning an upcoming tour. Since he’s so close to his supportive family, Chantel and company will likely make an appearance in support of Everett’s youngest child.

Overall, Riverknight and his entire family have seen their reputation improve dramatically among The Chantel family Fans. Many viewers loved how the whole family rallied around Chantel during her time of need, while Riverknight and Karen were particularly applauded in the emotional season finale for not allowing Pedro to upset. Chantal. Riverknight has proven to be a loving and supportive younger brother, while The Chantel family fans now realize that his music is more than a hobby and can actually be a career, given his drive and dedication.

Source: Riverknight Everett/Instagram