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Reading Indians celebrate 75th anniversary of independence – Reading Today Online

A GROUP from one of Reading’s biggest ethnic groups took to the streets to mark an important date in their calendar.

India celebrated 75 years of independence on Monday, August 15, with locals holding a mass bike ride to commemorate the milestone.

More than 100 cyclists young and old rode the streets of the city dressed in green, white and orange, the colors of the Indian flag.

Commonly known as Tiranga, the Hindi word for tricolor, the flag set the theme for the event, which was aptly named the Tiranga Ride.

Starting at the Whiteknights campus of the University of Reading, the group drove through the grounds and streets of Earley.

They finished the ride at Carnival Fields Park in Maiden Place, where more than 200 spectators greeted them waving Indian flags and singing traditional songs.

On this day in 1947, India gained independence from the United Kingdom. The nation had been under the control of the British Crown since 1958.

The event was hosted by resident Ritesh Nigam, who was keen to celebrate the occasion and garnered interest from social media.

He said: “The celebration of India’s Independence Day recognizes the importance of freedom, the freedom to live, to love, to express our thoughts and the freedom to have a free spirit. and move forward.

“With many people moving into our community from Hong Kong and sadly displaced from Ukraine and Afghanistan, the importance of freedom cannot be overemphasized.

“As we celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day and those celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day, the message is loud and clear: There is light at the end of the tunnel, it is where freedom awaits.”

A lively rendition of the Indian national anthem and other patriotic songs closed the evening.

Visitors returned home inspired and proud of their heritage and the accomplishments of those who came before them.

The organizers shared their deep gratitude to all who participated in what they described as “an unforgettable evening”.

They promised to come back next year with a bigger and better event.