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Readers share their reasons for job satisfaction – Times News Online

In honor of Labor Day, we asked readers why they love their jobs.

Here are some of their responses:

Audra doll

Tribe Pride Hair Salon


I have been a barber for 13 years and still love every minute! My work is extremely busy every day.

When I arrive at work almost every day, I am always greeted by early risers.

I have the best colleague, Charissa Gibson. I couldn’t do it without her. We have a great bond together.

Some of the best stories are in the hair salon. We hear the good, the bad and everything in between. We laugh, we cry and we cherish the connection we have with our customers.

Some days are stressful, however, who doesn’t have a stressful job? We certainly aren’t perfect, but we always strive for the best and appreciate every one of you who walks through the door.

Thank you all for supporting my hair salon.

Melissa Ann Keifer

Precious photos forever


Photography allows me to connect with the world around me. Life is full of big moments like a new baby, birthdays, weddings, graduations and family reunions. Photography gives me the unique opportunity to capture an important day in someone’s life and give them the gift of freezing that moment in time and making it last forever.

This is what makes photography special for me.

Not only is it a way to travel back in time, but it gives the viewer a chance to share in some of the action and feelings from that cherished time in their life.

I am a mom who constantly takes pictures of my children. My most valuable experiences are being able to document a connection between children and their parents, as well as the openness of children being themselves.

Donna L. Bauer


assistant director

from Victory Valley Camp

I was assistant director of Victory Valley Camp, a Christian camp near Emmaus, for about 30 years. I did everything except maintenance and office work.

Some of my tasks were the development of programs for the camp where the children stayed in cabins, the outpost where the children stayed in platform tents, a day camp and for a time a travel camp for teenagers. I was also in charge of the catering. Hiring and training 50-60 employees and supervising everything that happened at the camp was my job.

This position had many advantages. First, the peace that came from knowing this was exactly where God wanted me. He knows us so well; He knows what suits the way He created us. He finds joy in seeing his children serve with a heart of joy. There was joy because I was working with people: children, teenagers and adults. My creative thinking and problem solving skills have increased dramatically. Finally, I made many lifelong friends.

Better still, it was fabulous to be part of God’s work. See children and adults come into a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And I watched them and helped guide them in their relationship with God by learning and following His Word, the Bible.

Now I cook for Twin Pines in the Poconos and fill in at Palmerton Schools.

Levina (Lovey) Irvin


Carbon of Saint-Luc

In my opinion, the best job of my life is volunteering in the operating room waiting room at the new St. Luke’s Carbon campus. I have been an adjunct and volunteer for many years, volunteering my time at the former Palmerton Hospital and now at St. Luke’s Carbon Campus. I try to give the best of myself at all times.

The rewards of volunteering are absolutely priceless. I meet the most wonderful people on Tuesdays and Fridays who tell me I bring sunshine to their cloudy days. I’m just me, no whores, no fakes, just me being me. I feel like God put me here for a reason. Smile and be nice to each other, that’s what it’s all about. The cost of kindness is free and priceless and the rewards to your heart are great, again I have the best job ever! ??

Jessie Flickner

Youth Services Coordinator

Western Pocono Community Library

I really have the best job ever. Some think the library is a quiet place to check out books, which I’m not mistaken, but I want kids and families to find adventure and excitement when they walk into our library.

On any given day, I can use silly voices like a monster or a princess, sing a crazy song about chickens, dance like a polar bear, or swing like a monkey. I get to have children around me with wide eyes as they listen to the stories, whether I’m dressed as a pirate going on an imaginary sea voyage or as a mouse talking about what’s going on. pass if you give me a cookie.

On extra fun days, I get the Mrs. Frizzle channel and do explosive experiments in the library side yard or teach the kids to paint a sunset dinosaur! I have the chance to inspire and engage children in the world around them while introducing them to a love of learning and the library! What could be a better job?

Sue Miller

Hyman Companies Inc.

New Tripoli

The Hyman Companies Inc. has approximately 30 retail jewelry stores across the country and numerous real estate rental apartments here in the Lehigh Valley.

I have worked here for about 11 years. I’ve worked for three other companies for the past 40 years and this is the best. The company is more a “family” than an employer. The owner is Nat Hyman and although he is a fierce businessman, he is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about those who work for him.

Nat is flexible with working hours, which during the pandemic has been a welcome relief. The door to his office is always open and you can bring him any professional or personal problem you may have. If he can’t help you, he can recommend someone who can. It’s a place where all the employees like to come and work with him. His loyalty to his employees is something rarely seen in today’s work environment. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Audra Doll of Tribe Pride Barbershop and her colleague Charissa Gibson. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Melissa Ann Keifer and her son Lincoln Charles Keifer, 5 months

Levina Irvin

Jessica Flickner

Sue Miller