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PREMIERE: Summy delivers new music video “Wish I Never Met You”

Summy presents his latest music video “Wish I Never Met You” exclusively with Substream!

Whimsical, imaginative and ethereal are all words to describe Arizona born and raised indie pop artist Summy. Now based in Los Angeles, the otherworldly young social media influencer and songwriter creates music inspired by her personal experiences and her deepest desire to inspire other women to be strong, to embrace growth. and love each other for who they are.

Inspired by a wide range of musical influences, including Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago, Elton John and Lady Gaga, Summy writes music that defies genre and is introspective. In 2018, Summy debuted with their debut single “Sus” followed by the three-song EP. Known Better. Her latest single “Said It After” is about “when the relationship ends, the person comes and says all the things you wanted to hear when you were together but now it’s too late, because they said it afterwards” . Summy’s lush, intimate vocals glide effortlessly over enchanting electronic pop soundscapes, culminating in a magnetizing musical output.

Summy has an incredible ability to tap into shared human experience and bring out our deepest emotions for cathartic, tender and emotive music. In addition to her music, she embodies a creative and vibrant aesthetic, building a fantasy world for herself and her fans. “I’ve always been very drawn to an ethereal, colorful energy for the clothes I wear and the makeup I do. I think one of the reasons I’m more drawn to that kind of vibe is because it really helps me deal with my depression and mental struggles. It’s a lot harder to cry if you’re in fairy wings,” the songwriter shares.

With millions of streams and a dedicated fan base, Summy has managed to create music with her authentic voice that touches and inspires.