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Paul McCartney’s heartfelt comments on the inevitable Beatles split

The Beatles are hailed as an incredible group that changed music history – despite splitting in 1970 – former band member Paul McCartney has exposed the truth behind the split

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Imagine it now – you’re in the middle of the Swinging Sixties and watch four friends from Liverpool soar to stardom.

The Beatles – made up of members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – catapulted themselves into mainstream success with screaming girls on their doorstep.

The iconic quartet is still hailed as the greatest band the world has ever seen – despite coming to an end over 50 years ago.

Millions of fans around the world were heartbroken when the band broke up in April 1970.

Paul – who recently celebrated his 80th birthday – was the member who broke the jaw-dropping news as he launched his first solo album.

Paul opened up on his thoughts on splitting up from the band


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Speculation surrounding their split has swirled over the years – particularly about arguments and splits between the band.

Fans initially blamed John’s wife, Yoko Ono, and Paul’s wife, Linda, but it appears the Beatles’ troubles began years before their split – when the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, left a hole in the head of the group.

After his tragic death, Paul would have become the band’s unofficial leader – something band member John admitted the band would not have continued without his efforts.

He also claimed he felt Paul only took matters into his own hands because he was preoccupied with launching his own solo career.

The band hit the rocks after the death of their manager


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However, Paul had a very different view as the artistic differences meant the stars were starting to branch out as individuals and their focus on being businessmen was the beginning of the end.

The Beatles had problems along the way, including growing financial difficulties, and when the final Let It Be album was released – they didn’t know it, but it would be the last the Fab Four would record together.

While John had suggested another album with a single release just before Christmas – he wanted a key change – and that was to get rid of joint writing credits between him and Paul.

He instead proposed that he, Paul, and George write four songs each with Ringo contributing two.

Despite her proposal, John continued to record Cold Turkey, written about his heroin addiction, with the band he formed with his wife, The Plastic Ono Band.

It was an unexpected success and after performing at a festival in Toronto, Canada, John made the decision to quit The Beatles.

Paul was devastated when it was revealed that John wanted to disband the band.

He was determined to salvage something from this difficult time and started recording his first solo album with an agreed release date.

Although the band had not returned to the studio together, the threat of legal action from an American film company meant that they had tinkered with previous recording sessions and turned it into Let It Be.

However, the release date clashed directly with the agreed date for Paul’s first solo album – after the release it would devastate Paul, Ringo went to tell him in person.

Paul – who was clearly upset – took the idea that there was no turning back for the Beatles and sent a press release to reporters with an early copy of his first solo album.

Paul saw no return for the Beatles


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It contained a bombshell and world news that he was leaving the Beatles – and while he didn’t claim the band had broken up, he spoke tellingly about his “break with the Beatles” and that he didn’t had no intention of recording again with his comrades.

However, a statement released without the knowledge of his bandmates meant that there was no choice but to end the band.

The remaining members were initially upset with Paul’s decisions – something they believed was used to promote his own album.

Paul launched a lawsuit against his bandmates in December 1970 to free himself from the band and Klein’s management – ​​a judge agreed and he was released from his contract.

Paul was released from the group


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For the next decade, the four Beatles members turned down huge sums of money to come together for gigs, albums or reunion gigs to raise hundreds of millions for charity.

Then, with John’s tragic death outside his apartment building in New York on December 8, 1980, the chances of a reunion were over.

Tensions thawed considerably between the band in the years that followed.

Paul and John even jammed together in 1974 and over the years the remaining Beatles have collaborated from time to time.

They notably worked on the Beatles anthology in 1994 and reworked two of John’s unfinished songs, Free As A Bird and Real Love.

George lost his battle with lung cancer in 2001 – and his former teammate Paul has paid a moving tribute to his childhood friend.

“He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and he had a wonderful sense of humor. He’s really just my little brother,” he said.

Paul and Ringo are the only two surviving members of the incredible band that changed music history.

Paul will headline Glastonbury this year


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Paul will add another stint to his solo career by taking to the iconic Glastonbury Festival stage on Saturday June 25 as the title track.

The festival is well underway for its long-awaited return – and will continue until Sunday.

The rock star will take to the stage after the Covid-19 pandemic canceled the festival in 2021 and 2021.

Paul isn’t the only headliner at the event – with other stars making appearances including Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish – who made history as the youngest head. show poster.

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