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Orchestral maneuvers in the hippodrome – Reading Today Online

Classic Ibiza

Windsor Racecourse

Saturday August 12

Having been in and around the dance scene in the 90s, I was a little wary of some of the bands that did live orchestral arrangements and tried to avoid them.

I know Pete Tong got great reviews for his sold out orchestra shows, but somehow the idea of ​​them felt like a dilution of the excitement and of the essence of dance music.

So when I was invited to the Classic Ibiza Show, which was one of the Summertime Live events at Windsor Racecourse, I accepted with some trepidation and low expectations.

How wrong I was.

The show was performed by the Urban Soul Orchestra conducted by Stephen Hussey and it was awesome. Excellent musicians and singers with a great mix of electronic and acoustic instruments accompanied by beats provided by the impressive and enthusiastic internationally renowned DJ, Goldierocks, who also performed a wonderful uplifting DJ set during intermission.

Songs performed during the show included all the classics you’d want to hear – anthems such as Insomnia, Born Slippy, Titanium, Better Off Alone and more before ending in one of the best trance epics of all time. , Darude’s Sandstorm.

It was one of the hottest days of the year but the whole set we couldn’t stop dancing.