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Nick Sanders reflects on the fight against Omos and his appearance in an acclaimed music video the same week

Leo Sparrow, perhaps better known as Nick Sanders, had a busy week as he became one of the few wrestlers to appear on both WWE and AEW programs in the same week.

On the January 10 episode of WWE Raw, Sparrow faced Omos. Sparrow was billed as “Nick Sanders” by WWE.

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Appearing on JOFO in the ring, Sparrow explained how his Raw appearance came about.

“They contacted me” he said. “There are specific blood tests and a physical form that they need you to fill out and then you have to send it to the head of their talent relations department and if they like you and know they can trust, they will contact you when they have a local opportunity. [Raw] was in Philadelphia. I got the call Sunday night to say, ‘Can you be Raw tomorrow?’ I said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ I jumped in a car with a bunch of guys and we were sitting in a restaurant eating, and my trainer Pat Buck came over and said, “Congratulations, you’re going to wrestle Monday Night Raw.” ‘Who am I going to fight?’ ‘Omos.’ ‘Oh shit.’ It was all from there.”

As expected, Omos made short work of Sparrow.

When asked if he received any post-fight comments, Sparrow replied: “I got great feedback when I walked through the curtain. A lot of guys were very grateful and had good things to say about how I made Omos look like. Really, there was nothing I could have done in the ring and I still would have made him look like a beast because he’s an absolute monster.”

In addition to appearing on WWE Raw, Sparrow was featured in the Acclaimed music video to promote their upcoming match with Darby Allin & Sting. Fans could see Sparrow in the background, smashing things with a baseball bat.

Sparrow said he was working with “The Acclaimed was before Raw. We filmed this last weekend, I mean. Max Caster trained me, for the most part, at Create-A-Pro. He’s a freshman day one and he trained me from the start. go. Him, Brian Myers and Pat Buck have all been there from the start. I’ve only been wrestling for a year and a half. It’s not even like I’m good yet. Max Caster is the best. Him and Anthony Bowens I always came to practice and if they needed help filming a video, I would always be there. I’ve been in other videos. I was Cody Rhodes in the ladder match video i was in the tag team battle royale video i played “100” in the dark order when he faced preston vance so i did a few. We got there and they said, “We have to film you breaking things. It’s the best day of my life, that’s all I want to do, give me the bat “I found stuff and I was hitting t tricks with the baseball bat.”

The Acclaimed will take on Sting & Allin on the January 19 episode of AEW Dynamite.

In the interview, Sparrow also noted that he played a security guard while working as a WWE extra for Survivor Series 2021.

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