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Nezi Momodu shares music video for “On Gawd”

Nezi Momodu stands out from the pack with her late 80s/90s steeped melodies, hardcore messages and unique puns – earning her the title ‘Wordplay Queen’ and praise from icons like Missy Elliott and Snoop Dogg.

She is also featured on “Introducing Nezi (ft. Nezi Momodu)” from Logic’s new album, Vinyl Days, with Pitchfork noting that “Nezi Momodu’s verses are excellent”. She will also join Logic live on August 7 in Dallas, TX, a stop on her Vinyl Verse tour, the same week the Nigerian-born, Dallas-based musician, visual artist and writer releases her next EP, The Pound – scheduled for August 5. August via Repost, the artist services division of SoundCloud.

The Pound takes its title from Dallas’ hot music scene right now with an overflow of insanely talented musicians – and how every artist is waiting for the big break ahead, hoping to get ripped off the ‘pound’ for the big league.

The EP will feature 10 tracks, including previous singles “NEZ” – a track whose video is a version of classic hip hop videos by Missy Elliott and Lil Kim, and is dedicated “In honor of the women who have never stopped reminding girls like me that talent was enough for me”; and “The Pound” with fellow Nigerian rapper D-Truce.

Nezi also recently shared his latest single “On Gawd”, produced by Paven Melody, and returns with a video for the track – a tribute to his hometown of Dallas, TX. “This video is a love letter to Dallas jigging culture,” Nezi notes. “Taking you back to the dance culture of Dallas in the late 2000s, we visit local spots and show the world how much we breathe life into our community. Hip hop is alive and thriving here and there It’s time everyone saw exactly what we’re made of.”

Well known in Dallas’ underground hip hop and art community, Nezi stands out in local MC numbers and as a respected visual artist with a strong focus on acrylic works related to black youth and pop culture.

Her technique with varied colors mixed with thick graphic lines is just one of the reasons why she is considered a new age pop artist. She immersed herself in the study of flow, poetry and literature after the death of her father, which would later define her style of music.

Nezi was also recently named to SoundCloud’s “First on SoundCloud” Class of 2022, where she will work directly with SoundCloud over the next year to co-produce tangible, career-defining moments to deepen relationships between artists. and fans, creating unique opportunities to reach new audiences. The artists chosen for this special honor are those championed by fans on SoundCloud and hand-selected by the SoundCloud music team. With nearly 300,000 followers and 2.8 million likes, Nezi also has a rapidly growing presence on TikTok.

Watch the new music video here: