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NCT Dream Goes “Glitch Mode”: 7 Best Looks From The Music Video

NCT Dream is back and they will do everything to Glitch mode. The septet released their second album on March 28 with the new music video for the album’s title track, which featured some unforgettable looks. From logomania to face gems, the group has channeled the latest trends and made them their own in their Glitch Game Store.

Launched in 2016, NCT Dream was introduced to the world with their bubblegum pop track, aptly called “Chewing gum.” Since the days of bow ties, suspenders and hoverboards, the members — Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung — have come a long way, and their style proves it. Over nearly six years, NCT Dream has developed unique styles, adapting them to each feedback and performance.

As a testament to their versatility, we’ve seen the members switch between styles seamlessly. In 2018, the group donned all-white ’90s street style with loose silhouettes and pops of primary colors for “We Go Up.” Tying into the theme of their 2019 track “Don’t Need Your Love,” the group sported shades of pink and red in casual, layered outfits for the campus vibe. 2020 showed no limits for the group as they hit a number of trends, combining college and biker styles in “Ridin.” In contrast, “Hello Future” offered playful and colorful cuts, allowing them to get a head start on the child’s play trend. which invaded the slopes in 2021.

Now the Dreamies are back with a new aesthetic, perfect for today’s fashion and beauty scenes, full of Y2K trends, Euphoria– inspired makeup, and more. Between the catchy chorus and the “glitchy” dance, you might have missed a few details. Fear not, because we’ve rounded up some of the best “Glitch Mode” looks below.


Screenshot. Courtesy of SM Entertainment.