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My Talking Angela 2 Celebrates Summer With Music Video and Game Update

Outfit7, the company behind the popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise, has released a music video featuring Talking Angela, the star of the My Talking Angela 2 mobile game.

The music video is for the song “Shine Together”, which focuses on friendship. You can watch the music video below.

In addition to releasing this music video, Outfit7 has released an update for My Talking Angela 2 on mobile devices. The update adds new seasonal outfits, decorations, and stickers to the game, as well as a new talent show activity. In the talent show activity, players can help Angela perform in front of a panel of judges. If the judges like Angela’s performance, players can unlock “exclusive rewards”.

Outfit7 shared some tips with SuperParent that can help My Talking Angela 2 players as they dive into the game’s summer update:

1. Enter the talent show

If you’ve been a longtime fan, then you already know that Talking Angela is super talented and really shines at pretty much everything she tries to do. But now, My Talking Angela 2 finally gives you and Angela the chance to prove just how talented she is. If you go to the town screen, you’ll notice a new neon-lit stage in front of the cupcake bakery. Tap it to enter the talent show.

Now you will have the choice between at least two activities – for example, jewelry making and dancing – through which you can prove your talent and impress the judges (namely Angela’s pets, Flip, Squeak and Dot ). Choose the activity you want to do, then press the button and complete the activity. Once the judges show you how much they liked your performance, you will receive Summer Tokens. Collect enough and you can choose from one of nine prizes, and collect all nine prizes before the event ends, and you can get a really special prize.

2. Collect Summer Tokens to complete the tile event

Each time you complete an activity in the Talent Show, you will be rewarded with Summer Tokens, and these Tokens will gradually fill the Token Bar displayed at the top of the Talent Show screen. Each time the bar fills completely, you’ll have the option to choose one of nine rewards on the reward tile, and if you get all nine rewards before the event ends, you’ll get the additional special reward listed in the circle on the reward tile screen.

You can also get Summer Tokens as bonus prizes on the Reward Wheel during the Summer Event. This means that every time you spin the wheel during the event, you get your regular prize plus some Summer Tokens.

3. Create your own unique jewelry

The best way to keep up with the latest summer jewelry trends is to create your own from scratch. The first thing you need to do when making jewelry in My Talking Angela 2 is to choose the type of jewelry you are going to make. A majestic tiara? An elegant necklace? Or maybe a funky bracelet? Then you have to choose the base color, and you can choose from a subtle silver, an extravagant gold or, Angela’s favourite, a hot pink!

Now is the time to select the gemstones you will decorate your base piece with and cut them into cool and funky shapes. You get two gems per piece, and for each of them you can choose the stone and the shape. Use the hammer to smash the gems, then the chisel to shape them into any shape you want. Then, when your gems are ready, drag and drop them into place on your piece. The final step is to use the sponge to buff and polish your jewelry so it really shines. And what’s really cool is that you can create as many jewels as you want!

4. Try Angela’s new summer wardrobe

Summer is a new season, and in Angela’s world, that means more than just a change of weather. That means new trends, new fashion statements and awesome new outfits! Go to Angela’s wardrobe, tap on a piece of clothing, then press the left arrow to find the new summer clothes. There are three new sets to choose from: the Beach Hippie Outfit, the Shark Wetsuit, and the Summer Princess Dress!

There are two ways to achieve these stunning summer style statements. One way is to buy the individual clothes using gems. You can also search for the full sets offered as a reward for completing the Summer Tile Event. To do this, you will need to collect many Summer Tokens before the event ends, but it will be worth it.

5. Complete the summer sticker album

At certain times during the summer season, you will be able to collect special summer stickers for Angela’s summer sticker album. The stickers in this album all feature summer items, and Angela does her favorite summer activities, like chilling on a beach with an ice cold juice. You can get these summer stickers in different ways. You’ll get a pack every time you go on a trip, and you can also get summer stickers by watching ads or buying them from the in-game store.

Adding stickers to the scrapbook earns you rewards ranging from flight tokens and gems to new items for Angela’s home and wardrobe. And if you manage to complete the entire summer sticker album before the event ends, you’ll get a really rare piece of clothing!”

My Talking Angela 2 can be downloaded for free at iOS and android devices. The game lets players take care of Angela’s needs (like a virtual pet), dress her up in different outfits, play mini-games, and more. You can learn more about My Talking Angela 2 in our SuperParent First Look for the game.