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MetropolitanZoom to Host Free Online Fan Appreciation Night

In the early forties linked to the pandemic, at a time when artists in the live entertainment persuasion found themselves at a loss and were looking for ways to connect with audiences, other artists and their art. Bernie Furshpan came to the rescue with MetropolitanZoom, a virtual cabaret experience that allowed performers to enter audience members’ homes, in real time, broadcasting their club acts from their own homes while still being able to see viewers. in the Zoom grid, right on their computer screens. Over time and the quarantine was lifted, people returned to the world and Mr. Furshpan opened a studio from which artists could broadcast their shows. Studio A provided lighting, backdrops, and space for musicians, allowing for a more comprehensive cabaret-style program, no better than DIY home cabaret shows – just different. The streaming platform has become the leader in online cabaret options, featuring artists like Linda Purl, Danny Bacher, Eric Michael Gillett and the Barbara Bleier & Austin Pendleton duo, along with many others, with some streaming from across the country. . Even though clubs, cabarets and concert halls have been open for months, MetropolitanZoom continues to produce shows for the benefit of live music enthusiasts who feel safer at home and live in other cities but wish to participate in the event. ‘art.

Recently, MetropolitanZoom Creator and CEO Furshpan announced the first annual MetropolitanZoom Fan Appreciation Party, a free event designed to thank the site’s dedicated customer base for their continued patronage. The event will take place on January 30 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST and all interested parties need to do is register for the program. HERE. Mr. Furshpan and his wife Joanne will host the 90-minute show, showing excerpts from the MetropolitanZoom catalog and chatting with the artists. The MetropolitanZoom event page for the free screening reads:

We are grateful to YOU, our fans and supporters of the Performing Arts, and we made many wonderful friends during the pandemic on our platform, MetropolitanZoom, and we appreciate each of you for showing your love to our artists. from the scene. On Sunday, January 30, 2022, at 6 p.m. EST, we’ll be presenting some of the most popular artists and shows we’ve produced over the past two years.

So join our community and watch with us some of our favorite moments from many of your favorite artists that you have purchased to watch on MetropolitanZoom. After the show, we will present to you, LIVE, some of the artists during a welcome session.

This hybrid LIVE event will be produced directly from Studio A in New York. The hosts, Bernie and Joanne Furshpan each perform the acts and tell you a few stories about their experiences producing their virtual events.

Featured artists include:

Sara zahn

Jeff Harnar

Eric Michael Gillett

Danny Bacher

Linda purl

Jay cee driesen

Barbara Bleier and Austin Pendelton

Jeff Franzel

Pamela Clay

Vanessa Racci

Laura Wazen

Suzanne ross

Lina Orfanos

Jean Ciotta

Kennedy Trip

Maria giorgio

Francesca Amari

Andy Kahn

Debra cook

Teresa mcclean

Carrie Jackson

Cheryl Ann Allen

Meri Ziev

Nicole spano

Jenna esposito

Faith Love

Lady Peachena

Debi Toni

and more…