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Meshuggah releases music video for new single “The Abysmal Eye”

Swedish pioneers of extreme tech-metal MESHUGGAH have released the official clip of “The Abyssal Eye”the first single from their upcoming ninth studio album, “Immutable”. You can now watch the Scott Hansen-clip made below.

To be returned on April 1 via atomic firesequel to 2016 “The Violent Sleep of Reason” was recorded at Sweetspot Studios in Halmstad, Sweden; mixed by Rickard Bengtsson and Staffan Karlsson; and mastered by several Grammy Award winner Vlado Meller (METALLIC, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, HOT RED PEPPERS, SYSTEM OF A DOWN). visionary artist Luminokaya again created the stunning cover art.

Full of surprises and yet instantly recognizable as metal’s most idiosyncratic strength work, “Immutable” redefines and redesigns the MESHUGGAH ringing in over an hour of the most empowering and absorbing music the band has ever made. Despite the challenges of the past two years, the progressive principles that have always guided their artistic endeavors remain as treasured as ever. As we head into a dystopian future, MESHUGGAH still standing alone.

For guitarist Marten Hagstrom, it was impossible to resist the task of embarking on another unprecedented tech-metal odyssey. “For us, it wasn’t so clear that we were making a new album,” he said. “We knew we could do it, but did we want to do it? We had to decide, do we do this or what else do we do? After a long, long discussion, we agreed on some things . We would make an album with as few constraints as possible. We would go and try to make an album as cool as possible, have no worries about it and see it as an opportunity. How can we make it a challenge that we want to accept and take up “Quite quickly, we had a starting point. Everyone started writing, the ball started rolling and suddenly we were sitting there discussing how many songs we were going to have to cut. “

Regarding the “Immutable” Title, Hagstrom said, “The title fits perfectly with where we are as a band. We’re older now. Most of us are in our 50s now, and we’ve settled into who we are. Even though we experimented all along, I also think we’ve been the same since day 1. The way we approach things and why we still make new albums, and why we still sound the way we do, it’s immutable “Humanity is changeless too. We make the same mistakes over and over again. And we are changeless. We do what we do, and we don’t change.”

The most inventive and creative metal band of the last 30 years and one of the most revered, MESHUGGAH have been the standard-bearers of cutting-edge heavy music creativity throughout their illustrious career. Over the course of more than 30 years and eight studio albums, Sweden’s widely revered progressive mavens have consistently redefined what it means to be heavy, while displaying a fierce intelligence that belies the crushing weight of their riffs. From the revolutionary savagery of the 1995s “Destroy Erase Improve” to the psychedelic tech-splorations of “CatchyThirtyThree”and on the rationalized grotesque of “ObZen” and “Koloss”, MESHUGGAH has always been ahead of the game and clearly unmatched.

In October 2020, MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake confirmed at Knotfest.comit’s “Mosh talks with Beez” that the band had spent much of the downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic working on new material.

Regarding the musical direction of the new MESHUGGAH songs, Thomas said: “Of course we have a certain framework that we always want to be like MESHUGGAHwe want to have that signature sound, we want people to be able to – even if they haven’t heard the song [before] – best case scenario it’s, like, ‘Oh, it must be MESHUGGAH‘, even though it’s a whole new thing. So hopefully that’s something we’re aiming for. But having said that, when it comes to music, we try to [do] somewhat the opposite of what AC DC done for 40 years. So we’re not trying to write the same album over and over again. And whether we get there or not is more up to our fans and other people, but that’s definitely the point. We’re trying our best to find new takes as part of who we’re meant to be, I guess. Because we don’t really want to get out of it either. We’re not looking to be another band all of a sudden or something that we haven’t been or isn’t true to what we do.”

“Immutable” track list:

01. Broken sprocket

02. The Abyssal Eye

03. Turn on the shortening fuse

04. Ghosts

05. Ligature marks

06. God he sees in mirrors

07. They move below

08. Kaleidoscope

09. black cathedral

ten. I am this thirst

11. The faultless

12. armies of ridicule

13. Pass


Jens Kidman – Voice

Marten Hagstrom – Guitars

Dick Lovgren – Bass

Fredrik Thordendal – Guitars

Tomas Haake – Drums