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Matoma And ARIZONA Spread The Love With Official Music Video For “Heart So Big”

Inspirational Norwegian DJ and producer matomabest known for singles”All night long» with The Vamps and «I do not dance“with Enrique Iglesias, released the moving official music video for the heartwarming single”heart so big», with an electronic dance-pop trio ARIZON A.

The track was written with longtime ARIZON A collaborator PJ Bianco as a love letter to his autistic son.

The couple have released a moving music video showing a compilation of what love means to people all over the world. Collected from over 2,000 fan submissions, the raw footage reflects pure happiness, excitement, and a much-needed reminder of all the positivity that exists in our seemingly ordinary daily lives. While the music video shows a diverse group of people from around the world, it highlights the notion that love is a universal language. With simple yet powerful lyrics like “you gotta smile so bright, so bright”, this highly infectious and powerful video is a testament to the power of love.

Matoma shares, “I couldn’t imagine a better music video for this special song than this one! It really brought me to tears to feel all the love in these amazing videos, like little glimpses into the hearts and memories of people around the world. Like the song, it’s a reminder to cherish the good that we have in our lives and that we are all bound together by this common joy.

ARIZONA shares, “This song, along with the autism awareness hopes, carries a special notion in general that we should remember to cherish and protect those we love in our lives. Sometimes we can be all they have or vice versa.

The song’s positivity comes as no surprise to Matoma fans, as he is globally recognized for his charity work behind the music. He recently headlined Gravity Festival, in partnership with EDM juggernaut Proximity, and used his performance to raise money for the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. His Livestream raised $10,000 in just 45 minutes, breaking festival records; and he decided to personally match the donations.

Following this heartfelt livestream, he bought three billboards on the i-10 freeway towards Coachella; originally intended to promote his new music, but with the tragic war continuing in Ukraine, he decided to use them to raise funds and awareness for the Ukrainian humanitarian aid organization Music saves UA. Video of billboards via drone flyover can be found HERE. Matoma’s billboards have received global media coverage from outlets around the world, including NME, The FADER, The Independent, msn, Yahoo Newsand United Kingdom Metro.

“Heart So Big” follows previous singles “Take Me to the Sunshine” with Super-Hi and Bullysongs, “Never Surrender” with Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan and “Summer Feeling” with Jonah Kagen, which achieved record number of streams in their first week. “Never Surrender” has since taken off with Matoma and Steve performing the moving track on The Tonight Show (Indonesia) and God Morgen Norge (Norway).