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Maserati launches new ad with Olakira

For budding Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Olakira, 2022 has started off on a good note. After dropping the hit single and becoming one of the country’s reigning hitmakers, Olakira struck another deal with the auto company, Maserati recently garnering success for his popular song In My Meserati.

A few days ago, Maserati released a captivating visual featuring the Afrobeat artist on their social media platforms and it was a big moment for the singer as fans congratulated him on the major victory his career has just achieved. record.

The ad, R has learned, is part of a collaboration between the artist and the automaker, following his single “In My Maserati” and remix with Davido which garnered over 100 million combined views on Youtube. .

The ad was shot in Dubai and features Iranian musician Layla Kardan. The new content features visuals that blend Olakira’s tune with the luxurious Maserati brand. The video tells a story of perseverance and passion, from creating the music to cruising in a dream car.

Earlier this month, the company surprised the singer with the collaboration, which is the first of its kind with an African artist. The song which was crafted during the pandemic has now become a global hit paying huge dividends for the artist.