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MANTIC RITUAL First “Crusader” Music Video

Mantic Ritual has released a music video for “Crusader”, the first new song by the reunited thrashers since their 2009 debut with Nuclear Blast.

“Crusader” was originally released earlier this year across all digital platforms, alongside a limited 7-inch single backed by the band’s version of Mercyful Fate classic “Black Funeral.”

The clip, which can be seen below, was shot in the Mojave Desert by producer Randall Smith and edited by Kai Young and captures an intense band performance that complements the contagious balance of traditional high-energy melody with aggression. thrashy daredevil.

“With no festivals or tours scheduled, we felt it was really important to make a simple, performance-oriented video,” says vocalist/guitarist Dan Wetmore. “It was about getting the Mantic boys together and telling the dumbest jokes again and being Beavis and Butthead x2, while making a genuinely crazy music video. Filmed near Mojave, we took our time to find that Pittsburgh/So-Cal vibe. “Crusader” has already been released, so it’s a weird ops order, but with around 1500 followers on Instagram, you have to wonder, does it matter? ! The good news is that we make music because we’re still edgy and we still believe in metal. If we were there for the money, we would have stayed with Nuclear Blast and we would have done this weird euro pop metal. Enjoy, my friends!

Mantic Ritual is spread across three states, but that hasn’t stopped the core from teaming up with friend and fan Carlos Cruz (Warbringer, Hexen, Exmortus), who has joined the ranks of the outfit, to create a few originals and additional covers to please fans. asking for “Crusader”, “Black Funeral” and more on CD. On September 2, Mantic Ritual will release, Heart Set Stone, a 6-song collection of three originals and three covers, including the aforementioned ones in addition to renditions of classic British hardcore creators GBH and Canadian thrash legends Razor.

Pre-order CD versions and limited edition cassettes (100) here.