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MAMMOTHOR Releases New Single “Bury The Motive”; Musical clip

Mammothor didn’t let the pandemic stop their music production. With a busy show schedule taking shape for 2022, including shows with Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Hed (PE) and Sumo Cyco, the band have been busy producing new material and playing in the North East.

Mammothor walked into Halo Studio in Windham, ME to record with Kevin Billingslea (Lamb of God) and Chillhouse Studios in Charlestown, MA with Will Holland (Fall Out Boy) for recording and tapped out Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall), to Planet Z in Hadley, MA to mix and master.

“Bury The Motive” is the eighth track from their latest album. Written by Josh Johnson (guitar) and Travis Lowell (vocals), the single was released worldwide on May 27 on all major streaming platforms, and now the music video is ready for fans.

The song reflects the state of gun violence and school shootings that has plagued our society for decades now. Ironically, on the day the single was released, another school shooting took place. The video reflects on the issue through an android who, after becoming sentient, witnesses the senseless violence humans commit on each other, rejecting the idea that “being human” is something one can be proud and rebel against his creator.

Mammothor’s new album, The Ecstasy of Silence… The Agony of Dreams, is out now.

List of tracks:

“You do not know me”
“Take the World”
“[Breaking News]”
“Bury the Pattern”
“Trial by Fire”
“The Red State Blues”
“Last hour”
“Call You My Name”

Video “Take The World”:

“MOAB” Lyric Video: