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Love that Girl Video clip published by Patrick Girondi and the dream of the orphan

From left to right: Patrick Girondi, Michèle Santarcangelo, Nanni Teot

From left to right: Patrick Girondi, Michèle Santarcangelo, Nanni Teot

I am convinced that if I do my best and give it my all, someone, somewhere will benefit.

—Patrick Girondi

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 6, 2022 / — Patrick Gironde, the unconventional pharmaceutical CEO and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, has just released a new “Love that Girl” music video. Patrick Girondi and the Orphan’s Dream, named after Girondi’s lifelong mission to cure sickle cell anemia and thalassemia, “orphans” or rare diseases, filmed the new video in Altamura, Italy, with the names award-winning Brian Connors, Ian Fisher and Edo Brizio. The band are working on their sixth album, “Orphan’s Final Chapter,” hoping that the release of the music will coincide with the culmination of years of legal battles and the advancement of their superior therapy.

Founder of San Rocco Therapeutics (“SRT”), Girondi says: “I imagine more than a few people are asking the question. What do music and books have to do with healing people with rare diseases? »

Girondi’s lyrics aim to speak the unspoken truth. On his latest album, Orphan’s Return, he sings blues and rock style songs about doctors, lawyers, health insurance and the reality of the systems we live in. Girondi sings in “I Did My Best”,

“Guys with white robes, FDA rules,
Rooms full of fools,
The medical ward frowns, smiles bets,
Against the illiterate…”

He thinks music and writing are ways to share his charisma, energy, love and desire to help people. He adds: “I am convinced that if I do my best, give it my all, someone, somewhere will benefit. That’s the only answer I have.

After navigating and advocating for hospitals and health systems around the world, Girondi views the recent approval of Bluebird Bio for the treatment of thalassemia, priced at $2.8 million per patient, as a sign of the impending collapse of the American healthcare system.

San Rocco Therapeutics, on the other hand, plans to price its gene therapy for sickle cell and thalassemia at ¼ the price of Bluebird. In addition to the significantly lower cost, San Rocco Therapeutics has been in patients longer than any other US company (ten years) for this type of therapy, has never had any safety issues, and adds insulation for added safety.

SRT would like to commend patient organizations such as Cooley’s Anemia International and the Capano family, who have invested over $1 million in thalassemia research over the years. Their annual golf outing will take place on September 20, 2022 at Leewood Golf Club in Eastchester, New York. This year they are honoring Anthony S. Colavita, ESQ. Proceeds will go to further research.

Girondi is dedicating his upcoming album to the team at San Rocco Therapeutics, including Drs. Michel Sadelain and Isabelle Rivière (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre); Dr. John Tisdale (National Institutes of Health); Dr. Chris Ballas (Innovative Cellular Therapeutics); Dr. Loreto Gesualdo (University of Bari); Dr. Lucio Luzzato (Muhimbili University of Health and Related Sciences and University of Florence); Dr. Aurelio Maggio (Ospedale Cervello); Dr. Frank Park (University of Tennessee); Dr. Andrew Wilber (University of Southern Illinois); and Dr. Evangelia Yannaki (G. Papanikolaou Hospital and University of Washington).


Love That Girl music video:

Editorial by Girondi on criminals in healthcare, TrialSite News:


Patrick Girondi, vocals
Michele Santarcangelo, guitar
Nanni Teot, trumpet

Patrick Girondi and Enzo Matera, words and music

Brian Connors, Director
Ian Fisher and Edo Brizio, video
Ian Fisher, editor
Mimmo Bassetta, Sound

Fairlive, producer
Megan Euker, Agent/Manager

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