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Lizzo releases new music video “About Damn Time”

Lizzo continues to usher in a new era of positivity and celebration with the release of her new track “About Damn Time.” The new music is followed by a music video, which sees the artist breaking into song and dance in a Stressed & Sexy backing band.

“About Damn Time” was previously teased in March on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The song also drops just before it appeared on saturday night live where she is both musical guest and host on April 16. The song and visuals remind fans that Lizzo is back and ready to take on the world by spreading words of positivity and confidence to her fellow listeners.

In a recent tweet, Lizzo also announced that her new album Special is set to release later this year on July 15. In an interview with Apple’s Zane Lowe, Lizzo talked about her next project indicating“I think the music will really speak for itself. I write songs about love in all directions, and I hope I can turn the fear that is rampant in this world a bit, energetically into love. That’s the point. I had a lot of fear and I had to do the work on myself, and this music is part of that work to turn that fear into love. I hope that when people listen this album, it makes their day a little better, a little more filled with love.

In other music news, Dr. Dre was recently spotted in the studio with DONDA 2 co-author Fat Money.