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Laconic exchange of tennis stars | Otago Daily Times News Online

Molla Mallory of the United States (left) defeated by Suzanne Lenglen of France (right) at the Wimbledon Championships.Otago Witness5.9.1922

According to the Daily Express, at the end of the match at Wimbledon, Miss Lenglen, waving her racket triumphantly, said: “Now Mrs Mallory, I have proven to you today what I could have done in New York last year. last.” Ms. Mallory replied coldly, “You did to me today what I did to you in New York last year. You beat me.

Ms Mallory later said in an interview that she was keen to meet Miss Lenglen as soon as possible and as soon as she was ready.

The City is mobilizing to find work

A meeting of the Unemployment Relief Committee was held at City Hall yesterday morning.

The mayor said the executive was convened to consider unemployment issues, and, likely, something from a broader sphere.

Rail diversion work at Pelichet Bay would be of definite benefit to the entire community. If they could start this work, it would greatly relieve the distress.

Likewise, the Returned Soldiers’ Association had sent men to the Gardens, where they worked under the direction of Mr. Tannock.

At Black Jacks Point there were 16,000 yards of stone to be removed, there was construction of the Leith Canal, road building and a number of other things. The difficulty was to start the work.

Are waxeyes Australian strays?

“People who know white eyes and watch their comings and goings,” writes Dr. Fulton, “were surprised to find large numbers of them frequenting the suburbs of this city. Residents of all other parts of ‘Otago, no doubt, have had the same experience. We see hundreds and thousands of them where once we saw twenty or two. There is no doubt that they came from Australia by sea. Qu Whether they fly away day by day or have the chance to rest on fresh water, no one knows. Many must perish during the journey – overcome by fatigue, blown by the storm or frozen. In a very large Olearia forsteri, about seventy years old, on my lawn, the white eyes are in full possession, and hardly any other species appear except a bizarre song thrush My Persian cat has finally come into its own. hardly a day goes by that he doesn’t appear on the lawn playing with, and eventually devouring, several white eyes.” White-Eyes cluster around Dr. Fulton’s back door and greedily take potatoes, bacon, bread, rice – anything really. Many of them suffer from the cold and fall from trees or fences to the ground. Once picked up and warmed up, they recover. The occurrence is quite common with Dr. Fulton on frosty mornings. He continues: “There is no doubt in my mind that white-eye migrated from Australia this fall.

The decade at the head of the Prime Minister marked

Wellington, July 10: On the tenth anniversary of his becoming Prime Minister, Reform Members of the House of Representatives have treated the Right Honorable WF Massey to a free dinner this evening. Sir William Herries, who was presiding over a large gathering, presented on behalf of the members to Mr. Massey a fine silver soup tureen and a silver trinket box for Mrs. Massey, both items suitably engraved.