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Kenyan online tool Usanii wants to boost artists’ income

Launched in the capital Nairobi on January 19, Usanii aims to expand the sources of income available to artists. “Usanii provides Kenyan artists with tools to monetize their creativity by giving them the freedom to follow their passions, share their stories and preserve them,” said Usanii founder Sam Achola.

The platform’s exceptional tool allows fans to tip their favorite artists, with the funds going directly to their e-wallets.

“Whether you’re a DJ, live artist, vlogger, producer, or even a podcast host, it’s possible with a few simple actions: we let them create the art they love, we provide them with a community online and offline that they can connect with fans, and we allow them to make a living out of it,” Achola said.

“We believe that artists are the cornerstone of every country’s culture, but here in Kenya there are many talented artists who do not earn money from their work. Usanii is where creatives can access an avenue to earn a living doing what they love.

Since its launch, the platform has attracted 84 artists, with the developers organizing monthly music sessions to popularize it.

Achola says the tool is undergoing continuous improvements and will soon come with more features. They include a booking tool that protects against unethical event organizers, an e-commerce section where artists can sell their artwork and wares, and an investment tool for long-term financial planning.

Learn more about Usanii here.