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Kendrick Lamar – We Cry Together Music Video

More than three months after the release of his double album Mr. Morale and Big Steps, Kendrick Lamar has just released a visual for an unlikely song. “We Cry Together” is one of the most dramatic parts of the Mr Morale album, centered around an argument and a relationship breakdown. In a short film directed by K-Dot, Dave Free and Jake Schreier, this argument comes to life on film.

Kendrick seems to be playing a character. He wears a shirt with “Dante S” on it. Fuming as the pair have a verbal domestic argument, song collaborator Taylour Paige plays the wife. Words degenerate into pointing and swearing. The camera follows the two partners as tensions erupt, and both clearly want static that borders on something dangerous. Every movement, line and reaction is choreographed, like a play.

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Three and a half months after the song’s release, the video shows just how much the MC envisioned the music. Viewers can watch the barbed words settle on their target. Taylor goes from the initial victim to the person who breaks down her male counterpart. The pointing of the finger becomes repeated wrapping a fist over his head to penetrate the insults. In its lyrics, the argument becomes a microcosm for a greater battle of the sexes that draws inspiration from political trends, celebrities, and the state of hip-hop and R&B music.

Within seconds, the argument gives way to raw sexual energy, as Taylour loses his shirt and the pair seek to channel their frustrations for harmony. One of hip-hop’s legends takes off his pants (both nude bodies are obscured) to make the moment raw, real and incredibly vulnerable.

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Curiously, the video ends with the distinct reveal that this is a soundstage, despite both albums’ perceived thematic connections to real-life Kendrick Lamar. This video follows May’s visual for “N95”.

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