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Jay Park Teases Sweet Teaser For Upcoming ‘Need To Know’ Music Video

Korean-American musician Jay Park has released the music video teaser for his upcoming single “Need To Know”.

The clip opens with a photo of comics spread out on a table, but in the center is a comic of Won-man, who is Jay Park reimagined as a superhero, posing alongside an unknown female character. , which fans have previously speculated could be a teaser for a featured female artist.

The clip then cuts to Park driving to an open trailer, where a woman is sitting browsing said comic. The teaser cuts after he held up two tickets to a Won-man movie. The single is due out next week on July 12 at 6 p.m. KST.

“Need To Know” was first announced earlier this week and will arrive about four months after his previous release “Ganadara,” which featured South Korean singer-songwriter IU. This song also marked Park’s first release under his new label, More Vision.

In a talk show segment after “Ganadara” was released, IU revealed that she assumed Park “killed” the song because it took him “so long” to release it. “It’s been two years now since we met at the recording studio,” IU recalled. “Why did it take so long? I really want to know why! We recorded it years ago.

Park launched New Vision in March with an intro video that took the form of a candid interview. “I kept running even though I was tired because I wanted to create a better environment and a better life for the people I love,” he said before sharing his vision for the business.

The creation of More Vision came less than two months after Park stepped down as CEO of AOMG and H1GHR Music, two labels he founded in the 2010s. However, Park noted that he “will remain as an advisor for both labels and we will continue to be a family and a crew.”