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Jay Chou’s new music video is an expensive masterpiece


The production of the music video for Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou’s new song Greatest Works Of Art cost US$500,000 (RM2.2 million), China Press reported.

The music video would be Chou’s biggest budget production.

It was shot at La Samaritaine, a department store in Paris, France, which features modern and vintage decor.

The location was spotted when he filmed the music video for Love Confession six years ago.

Chou’s team also managed to convince store management to install an antique piano on the top floor of the building.

Eagle-eyed netizens recognized the grand piano and said it was worth T$30,000,000, or about RM4.45 million.

> The daily also reports that Hong Kong actress-singer Charlene Choi has always wanted to have eight children.

The 39-year-old divorcee recently revealed this for the first time on a romantic variety show called The Late Lovers.

If she had become a mother, she would have devoted all her time to her eight children.

Choi was married to singer-actor Ronald Cheng, but their marriage ended in divorce.

She also shared that as a divorcee, she wouldn’t want to have a wedding ceremony if she got remarried.

“There’s no need for a ceremony to prove anything,” she said.

> A thief’s attempt to break into the home of Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok in Carrie Garden, Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong, was foiled after his neighbor’s maid spotted the culprit and raised the alarm.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the incident happened recently when the thief tried to break into Kwok’s house through the window on the lower floors.

The housekeeper saw the deed and chased the thief away before calling building security.

According to the police, the thief climbed over the water pipes to enter the building and broke into two other apartments in the same block.

It was learned that Kwok’s family lived in this house and that he was sleeping during the incident.

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