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JAY B shares retro music video teaser for ‘go UP’

GOT7 singer and soloist JAY B has released the music video for ‘go UP’, the first single from his second mini album ‘Be Yourself’.

The K-pop idol released the new single and mini album on September 21 at 6 p.m. KST. The releases were complemented by an accompanying music video for “go UP”, which was dropped at the same time. The quirky visual begins with an enigmatic shot of JAY B floating through the air as a young boy and an elderly man look on, while a voiceover declares in English, just before the music begins to play: “That’s how you get funky in Seoul, South Korea.”

“No matter what they said / I’ll be your Kendrick / Can you please not kill my vibe?”he says on the pre-chorus.

In addition to ‘go UP’, the mini-album ‘Be Yourself’ contains five other tracks. The B-side song “Break It Down” features South Korean rapper Sik-K, making it the only collaboration on the new project.

The new EP marks the second in JAY B’s solo career, following last year’s “SOMO: FUME.” It also comes shortly after JAY B’s digital single “Rocking Chair” last month, which marked his first release under his new agency, CDNZA Records. The idol joined the newly created label in July after leaving H1GHR MUSIC, founded by Korean-American musician Jay Park.

In a three-star review of “SOMO:FUME” from last August, NME‘s Sofiana Ramli wrote, “After being relieved of the shackles of JYP Entertainment to pursue creative freedom, you’d expect the singer to embrace the opportunity to have a plethora of new producers and collaborators at his feet. to experiment greatly, but the end result is neutral and safe.