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Jackson Wang Releases Flashy Music Video For New Single “Blow”

Jackson Wang, who is also a member of K-pop boy group GOT7, has released a brand new English single “Blow.”

The song dropped alongside a gripping music video, which sees a group of unconscious revelers lying on the ground, breathing in a smoke-like substance. Among them is Wang, who starts dancing with the group after gaining consciousness.

“I felt it coming and I couldn’t escape / I’m in the belly of the beast again / My dirty secret that keeps me awake / Don’t stop now, you’re setting me up to explode” he sings on the pre-chorus.

According to a press release, “Blow” is the first look at Wang’s “Magic Man” character, as hinted at the end of the music video. The character will be the main source of inspiration for the creation and direction of his next album of the same name.

Hours before “Blow” was officially released, Wang took to Twitter to talk with fans about the new song. When asked by a Twitter user if he was “ready to break new records with this new song and album,” Wang replied, “I don’t know, because I can’t control that. all i [can] do is give 200% of me.

The release of “Blow” comes shortly after Wang released the English-language mixtape “LOST & FOUND” earlier this month, featuring eight old songs he had previously recorded but had yet to record. published.

In light of the release of “LOST & FOUND,” his label Team Wang also hinted that the singer was “preparing something bigger” for the future. Wang previously shared last August that he has prepared over 20 new songs for his upcoming solo album.