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I Filmed My Music Video On Capitol Hill And Here’s How It Happened

Suzanne G. is a Seattle musician and freelance writer for Seattle Refined.

Between Seattle’s speakeasies and epic rooftops, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a place that transports you the moment you step inside. But this was a whole new level.

The second I saw a life-size octopus hanging from the Capitol Hill ceiling Inside passageI knew it was the perfect place to shoot the music video for my song, “could you be.”

Loosely based on an experience I had while traveling through Italy (in my youth), I wanted to capture the feeling of being in an exotic place, meeting a stranger and having an instant connection , resulting in an epic night.

Feeling like stepping into an underwater pirate ship, with a decor of ship’s ropes, scuba gear, beautiful wood details, and coconut cocktail glasses, Inside Passage sets the scene for the upbeat and seductive nature of the song. With the lyrics “island fantasy” ending the chorus, the red lighting and cozy booths seemed as if the spot was created specifically for the song, or vice versa.

With my husband directing, I found myself with the question mark of who my love would be. Walk in Meiko Parton: local artist, philanthropist, event host and owner of Mr. Gay World Washington Pageant. It’s always been a goal of mine in any creative project to include as many Seattle-based partnerships as possible, and Meiko’s energy was the final piece of the puzzle to complete the vision. Gorgeous inside and out, he energized the room and made me feel comfortable at the same time, almost making me forget how weird it was to have a guy hit on me in front of my wife – ha!

The next agenda was to create party energy. I took as many extras as possible including my hair and makeup artist (another Seattle business owner) Seattle Beauty Bosswho picked up her sister between jobs (using her mad makeup skills as a bribe) and joined the shooting scenes with unflinching ease.

We even got the Inside Passage staff involved! They were kind enough to let us have a drink during filming and an employee became the impromptu bartender, mixing some of their extremely unique cocktails, adding extra details to the video like lighting said drinks on fire, as the smoke rose ice. Did we break a glass or two? Once. It happened once. Did we all become fast friends? Yes – which was definitely an added bonus.

Even though the bar was closed at the time, filming quickly went from a fictional party to a real party, like a mini-vacation in the heart of Seattle.

In this post-pandemic world, it feels good to see the neighborhood, known as the home of the city’s writers, artists and creatives, come back to life.

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Seattle, look no further than Inside Passage. With great drinks and a TikTok-worthy atmosphere, you’re sure to have a great time at this place. And if you need a few tracks to get you in the mood, be sure to check out my latest single, “could you be“, available on all platforms!

To see how the final version of the video turned out, click here!