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“I am grateful, perplexed by the success of ODG”

Born into the entertainment family of Jide and Henrietta Kosoko, Eltee Skhillz, real name Olowu Taiwo (few know he’s a twin), comes as no surprise to many with his rise in the industry. He is one of the trending musical artists whose song “ODG” is currently dominating the airwaves around the world. The actor-turned-dancer/musician, in the interview with ROTIMI IGE reveals details about his rise in the industry and his plans for the future.

What was the inspiration behind your hit song ODG?

It was nothing too serious, I just wanted to sing about luxury lifestyles.

How would you describe the reaction you’ve had since the release of the song, Was it planned?

I usually do good work and leave the rest to God. I didn’t expect people to respond the way they did and the love has been overwhelming. All I can say is that I am grateful and still perplexed.

Does the success of the song put you under pressure?

Yes, it puts me under pressure, but I don’t let myself be overwhelmed. I’ve always done things at my own pace and it’s the same pace that I maintain.

What do you think is responsible for the rise of Afrobeats around the world?

I would say the general increase in the use of social media. It has made the world a global village and we are benefiting from it.

What challenges do you face in the industry?

Currently, it’s the pressure to release another hit. The fans want more and I’m working at my own pace like I always have.

What solutions do you have to the industry’s problems?

I think we should give credit to songwriters in the music industry, they work hard to write hit songs and deserve accolades. They also deserve their percentages in royalties.

What does your typical day look like?

In my typical day, I go to the gym, I do dance rehearsals because I am also a performer. Then I go home to write and record songs or frustrate my twin brother.

Now that the world is listening to Afrobeats, what are your next steps?

My next step is to create and publish more projects.

What do Nigerian artists need to achieve to compete on the world stage?

I will say that we are already competing on the world stage and I am proud of that. The world is already dancing to our music.

What is your most valuable asset?

I think this will be my phone, I like to research and stay informed.

What’s next for Eltee?

I have a lot planned, but as I mentioned earlier, I am grateful to everyone who has supported me so far. I’m currently working on another EP and just released the ODG video. I really had fun making this video coupled with all the star appearances as well. I’m also doing more feature films and I will continue to grow musically.

What memories of your mother are dear to you?

I think the most memorable would be how she never stopped believing that she could push me better whether we ran out of funds or not.

When I started my career, she always looked for the right connection to see how she could impact my music. I mean, she actually took me to see top directors and executives from most TV stations just to introduce myself. I remember her always insisting, ‘He’s my son, please hold him tight. He’s talented.’ God bless his soul.

Second, his food. My mother never joked with her food. She taught me how to cook and most of the time when I cook I always remember her all the time. In fact, I remember her always telling me how best to find food. I literally knew every woman in the market because she always sent me to buy food back then. It’s a beautiful thing that I will always cherish about her.

The third would be to make sure I have the habit of praying and believing in myself. She made me understand the fact that God will not come and do for man what man should do for himself.

You dance too. How does this help your music and what is your first love?

The fact that I dance helps me a lot. Besides helping me keep in shape, it helps me professionally by helping me control myself on stage.

I started my career as a dancer but fell in love with dance and music combined. I didn’t fall in love with one over the other. I saw Michael Jackson combine dance and music and I fell in love with this profession as a whole. It was amazing to see a person move and sing beautifully and I wanted to do that too.

Although I’m not Michael Jackson, I wanted to do it my way and the fact that I dance helps my stage performances a lot. It gives me charisma, helps me to have better reflexes and to think quickly on stage. As a professional dancer, this is very useful.

Would you say that coming from an artistic background has helped your career?

Coming from my background, it helps me achieve what I want for myself. I don’t have a perfect answer, to be very honest, but the best way I understand this has helped me figure out what I want in my life.

When I was dancing back then, I was struggling with a few things. The entertainment industry wasn’t that big, but I just loved dancing my ass off. I was once sanctioned and coming from a house of entertainers, actresses and actors, I felt a little left out in a way and felt like I didn’t m integrate correctly. Regardless of that, everyone always supported me during suspension and kept telling me that I could do better to grow. All of this helped me figure out what I really wanted for myself and that was it.


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