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Harry Styles Releases New ‘Late Night Talking Music Video’ Music Video – NBC Los Angeles

Harry Styles’ latest music video addition to accompany his ‘Harry’s House’ album premiered Wednesday on YouTube, racking up an impressive one million views in less than an hour.

Fans have been waiting for the music video for ‘Late Night Talking’, the second track from her album, ever since photos of the former One Direction star (and actress’ boyfriend Olivia Wilde) filming in London floated in February.

The new music video received over 383,000 views within the first minute of its release on YouTube. In the span of over an hour, “Late Night Talking” surpassed one million views.

According to a report by Radio and internet newsthe average number of views per video clip is 16.4k.

This isn’t Styles’ first rodeo with records. Her debut single “As It Was” from her album “Harry’s House” surpassed 18.3 million views for the official music video in the first 24 hours, her 10th video to do so.

With the release of the new “Late Night Talking” music video, the song re-entered the top 50 on iTunes in the United States.

“Harry’s House” debuted May 20 and is still on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fans can see the star perform the new album live at 15 sold-out shows at the Kia Forum from late October to mid-November.

“Late Night Talking” follows Styles on a whimsical slumber party. Look below.