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Halsey and Alev Aydin’s love story depicted in latest music video

Halsey and Alev Aydin’s love story depicted in latest music video (Credit: Google)

  • She says the song is about “the one who got away”.
  • The singer is on tour with her partner and their 11-month-old son, Ender.

Halsey said, “Alev and I first met because he was supposed to write and direct a movie about my life,” added, “We started a family and now he’s been writing and directing this little movie. on OUR life.”

The meta music video, which features both Halsey and Alev, is about “the angst of longing for what could be…and what has become,” she said.

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While cuddling baby Ender, Alev tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of the couple on stage. While celebrating the release of their passion project, he said it was a “family affair” and told Halsey, “I love you.”

The video shows Halsey reminiscing about a time in her life when Alev photographed her at a cosmetics counter. She can’t get it out of her head, even if the stars go on with their own lives. She finally rushes over to kiss him after watching a loop of film depicting the couple’s real-life stages on a projector.

She sings, “You’re all I think about and everywhere I look,” added, “I know it’s bad, but we could be so good.”

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Halsey told Allure last year how fate brought her closer to the director.

The About-Face inventor shared his thoughts: “When the stars aligned, our relationship became romantic and it was pretty obvious that he and I were both like, ‘Oh my God! You’re the person I’m supposed to start a family with.

Added, “Part of the reason it took Alev and I so long to start dating was because I loved him so much.”