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Hadiqa Kiani releases first clip from latest album Vasl

Pakistani Music Queen and now Outstanding Actress, Hadiqa Kiani has exceeded our expectations with her consecutive critically acclaimed and adored drama series, Raqeeb Se and Dobara.

Speaking to social media, the singer-songwriter shared the news of his album launch and thanked his fans for their unwavering support.

“Thank you all for taking this trip with me, I am going back to my roots,” she announced.

“Now I make non-commercial music that was previously overshadowed by my popular songs,” she shared in an interview with Something tall.

According to the official description, with Vasl, Hadiqa will explore the roots of his music, reproducing his original compositions from his early career for the next generation of Pakistani listeners. “The album’s organic oriental structure aims to create an atmosphere of ease, comfort and peace.”

The first single from the album titled Humsafar was shot in Murree and the ace director Abdullah Haris beautifully captured the scenic beauty.

The song was sung, composed and produced by Hadiqa herself. Humsafar was written by her mother, Khawar Kiani with musical arrangements by Hassan Badshah.

After her last interview where she opened up about her personal and professional journey, this song seems to carry a whole new meaning. Humsafar is a ballad for broken souls.

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“My brother chose his own trip and I respect him. But this is my path and I make no apologies for the choices I made in my career; those choices, mistakes, successes, troubles, heartaches, divorces, adoption of children, life-threatening situations or my mother’s paralysis were all part of it, but it’s a turning point in my life because I’m alone now She shared.

Watch the song here: