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Gwen Stefani accused of cultural appropriation for her appearance in a new music video

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The voice Coach Gwen Stefani is accused of cultural appropriation following the release of a new music video for Sean Paul’s “Light My Fire,” also featuring Shenseea. Stefani sports dreadlocks in the video, sparking discussions on social media.

Gwen Stefani faces cultural appropriation charges

In the new clip, Stefani wears a tight green and yellow outfit with fishnet accents. She also wears long blonde dreadlocks, with a bun on top of her head. Some Twitter users criticized Stefani for her look, accusing him of cultural appropriation.

An user wrote, “Gwen Stefani is BACK with a cultural appropriation banger.” Someone else replied“I refuse to believe that no one has tried to explain this to her…so the conclusion is that she is conscious and doesn’t care.”

Others tried to defend Stefani, with one user writing that Sean Paul himself is Jamaican and appeared with Stefani in the video, to add that he “even praised Gwen for embracing the culture for years”.

It’s true that Paul said of Stefani in a meeting, “His son’s name is Kingston!” She loves vibes. She wears the colors, has the armbands. I’m like, ‘Yo, she went down with the move.’ She represents for the country.


Stefani responded to similar accusations

This is not the first time that Stefani has faced such accusations. His past accusations include appropriating Indian, Native American and Hispanic cultures. But perhaps most notably, she receives criticism for her Japanese entourage the Harajuku Girls.

Stefani responded to the backlash in a 2021 interview with Paper magazine, saying, “If we hadn’t bought and sold and traded our crops, we wouldn’t have so much beauty, you know? We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules divide us more and more.

The singer did not respond to the latest criticism. She enthusiastically promoted the new “Light My Fire” music video on social media this week.

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