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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises patch notes: new cars and ammo delivery explained

. Last update: July 25, 2022

A GTA Online leak reveals 18 new vehicles, four new Benny vehicles, new events and more included in the Criminal Enterprises update.

Rockstar has announced that the Criminal Enterprises update will be coming to GTA Online on July 26th.

The developers have confirmed that the update fixes the GTA Online large-scale griefer issue and the DLC images hinted at adding a long-awaited GTA Online pistol.

A new Criminal Enterprises DLC leak has gamers even more excited about the upcoming update.

Criminal Enterprise DLC Leaked

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Criminal Enterprises is GTA Online’s first major update of the year.

Wild Brick142 leaked the addition of 18 new vehicles to the GTA forums, along with four new Benny vehicles (the Brioso, Sentinel Classic, Tenf, and Weevil), new events, and a collectible metal detector. Rockstar Insider Tez2 posted the WildBrick leak.

Players can call Tony for a ride in the limo, and there are new events like ammo delivery, dealing with troublemakers at the disco, or collecting a gym bag for the clubhouse.

Criminal Enterprises adds a metal detector, and Greenwood and Omnisegt can be outfitted with Imani Tech.

GTA Online leaker Alloc8or previously revealed two new guns in the update and new skydiving activities.

We will provide updated patch notes for the official release of Criminal Enterprises on July 26th.