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Football-honoring music video featuring Lou Diamond Phillips and ‘Breaking Bad’ star, presented by ICE-T, hits over a million views on YouTube as football stadiums reopen

“The video was filmed and edited and two weeks after it was released, when all of the over 4,000 stadiums we were watching suddenly closed. They reopened and we went from a few thousand views on YouTube to over a million on the over the past few months,” says Jesse Stengerone of the producers of the music video.

The video also features RJ Mitte, known as “Walter, Jr,” from the show “Breaking Bad,” and even comedian Carrot Top joined in the fun.

Lou Diamond Phillips was the perfect person for the video given his huge popularity in South America for his role in the movie ‘La Bamba’, that’s why it was fitting that he wasn’t just the goalkeeper in the video, but was actually blocking the soccer ball with the guitar while he was reprising his role in the legendary film that brought the actor to international stardom,” says Stenger.

The original song was recorded and written by Brian Evansa well-known crooner in the jazz world and who has received international acclaim, particularly in Latin America and Asia.

“It’s A Beautiful Game” pays homage to football, and every day we receive licensing requests for the music video from English-speaking fans who have been waiting for a kind of lighthearted yet entertaining “follow the bouncing ball” song. With over 4,000 stadiums, we focused on the football of the most famous country, rather than a specific team so that all stadiums could use it,” concludes Stenger.

The clip was shot in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaiiand Vegas.

SOURCE ESW Management