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Figos reflects on Ke Gogobisa Seriti’s triumph :: Mmegi Online

With buzz phrases like “Ke gogobisa seriti” and “Ago nne se nnang” trending over the past festive season, talented local singer Figos decided to dig deep into his creative reservoir and came up with a banger titled Ke gogobisa seriti.

Inspired by the buzz phrases, Figos, whose talent for creativity is exceptional, saw an opportunity to tap into the festive mood and give his fans something to groove to. In an interview with Showtime, Figos, real name Ofentse Modikwa, admitted that he never planned for the song to later become a party jam.

Now, even at the start of the year, TikTok videos of people dancing to the song are dominating social media platforms and the musician couldn’t be prouder. Figos, who is one of the prodigies to come out of Vee’s Black Money Makers (BMM) label, said he released Ke gogobisa seriti on November 25, 2021 because he knew the song would be a crossover until 2022 “I always do these underground street outings. I spread these songs on social media and the intention is to make them go viral even if they are not played on radio stations and on television,” he said. he declares.

Figos said he realized people loved these buzzwords, no wonder he decided to join them through music. He said the song was produced by Thapelo Wa Mojuta, the same person who produced his previous single titled Beke le beke.

He said he released Ke gogobisa seriti the same way he released his songs, but he was shocked to find that people liked him and he was everywhere. “Sometimes you release a song and never know it might catapult you to another level. I haven’t played it yet and so far I’ve had so many requests for a performance. Some people want to see the artist behind the song,” Figos added.

He added that in the future the intention was to organize a tour for Botswana to get a feel for the song in a live performance. Figos said he wanted to hold more one-day events so children could attend. He said that by the end of January, he would have set the release date for his next album.